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PUMICE POWDER is available in different grades and sizes for different industrial use like. Cosmetics & Skincare, Rubber & PVC, Exfoliate & Soap, Polishing & Cleaning, Dental, Paint and Coating Industries in Pakistan.

Pumice is a very light colored, frothy volcanic rock that is formed from lava that is full of gas. During an eruption the lava is ejected and shot through the air . As the lava hurtles through the air it cools and the gases escape leaving the rock full of holes. This makes the rock very light, so light it can float on water.

  • Cosmetics Skin Care
  • Polishing & Cleaning
  • Abrasive
  • Dental
  • Paint & Coating
  • Exfoliate Foot Scrub
  • Rubber & Plastic PVC

Benefits of Pumice Stone

Exfoliates Skin

The pumice stone has been proven to be helpful in removing hyperkeratotic tissue, which is excess or thickening skin on the outer layer. When used to scrub the skin, while wet and sometimes with soap, it effectively exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin.

Removes Skin Stains

Using pumice stone to cleanse the skin is an excellent way to remove stains without the need for harsh chemicals. If you’re a painter or get skin stains from a hobby or occupation, using a pumice stone to exfoliate the area can help remove the stains naturally.

Removes Unwanted Hairs

Pumice stones can be used to remove unwanted or excess hairs. This isn’t ideal for sensitive areas, but it’s effective for removing hairs from forearms and other areas of thicker skin. Use a stone that has smaller holes the area in warm water for before using the stone.

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