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"We specialize in providing high-quality Pumice Stones for various industries, including textile, construction, paint, rubber, cosmetics, and skincare. Our Pumice Powder is ideal for denim wash, exfoliating products, body scrubs, soaps, detergents, and abrasive products. Additionally, it promotes agriculture growth in plants and crops. Pumice stones can be utilized to create lightweight concrete and blocks, showcasing their versatility in multiple applications."

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    Our Pumice Stone Products

    We are engaged in the process of extracting, supplying and exporting a huge assortment of Pumice Stones.

    Pumice Stone

    Agriculture Grade

    Pumice Textile Grade

    Pumice for Cleaning & Polishing

    Pumice Powder

    Pumice aggregate for lightweight concrete

    Pumice Stone in Pakistan

    Pumice stone is a lightweight, porous igneous rock that forms during explosive volcanic eruptions, It has long been used as an abrasive in cleaning, polishing, cosmetic, skin care products and scouring compounds, Agriculture is also one of the industry where it can be used for better production of crops and plants. It is also employed as a lightweight aggregate in precast masonry units, poured concrete, insulation, acoustic tile, and plasters.


    Due to its non-availability in Pakistan previously it was importing from other countries, due to that It was not feasible economically to use in many products manufactured in Pakistan.


    Good news for manufacturer now they can produce products base on pumice stone. Because it’s huge deposits found in Pakistan and mining process has been already started, now it is available in local market in very economical prices.

    Application of Pumice Stone:

    pumice stone in Pakistan can be used in multiple industries including Health, Skin care, cosmetic, exfoliated, abrasive, polishing, rubber producing, glass, oil absorbing & cleaning purposes, paint production, textile, agriculture, and construction industry to produce lightweight concrete and other concrete products. Like. lightweight blocks, panels, wall, bricks, floors. Pumice Concrete is a low density, lightweight, low-rise structural concrete using 3/8 pumice aggregate, Portland cement, and water. (a pozzolan lime plaster is ideal), further improving the thermal performance of the structure. Pumice stone price in Pakistan are very competitive and stocks are easily available. The top quality pumice stone supplier in Pakistan is Tradeworth International.

    Pumice stone utilization in Agriculture farming gives great results, it is very beneficial for the growth, health and productivity of the plants.

    Pumice Stone Construction Grade:

    Pumice aggregates and pumice sand can be used to produce lightweight Concrete and blocks, it help to reduce structural load of the building and reduce overall project cost and make it more durable and strong.

    Pumice Stone Cement Grade:

    Pumice and cement enjoy a very dynamic relationship—a relationship Roman engineers and builders relied on completely. A relationship that worked so well that much of their empire of concrete endures to this day—some 2000 years later. Fact is, the hydrated lime cement they used made a poor concrete by itself. It was only after they added fine-grained pumice did their concrete achieve its impressive millennia-spanning chemistry.

    Pumice Stone Agriculture Grade:

    Pumice stone highly effective for soil amendment and bring amazing results, health and growth of your crops and plants.

    Pumice Stone Textile Grade:

    Pumice has long been used for washing of denim and other hosiery garments, leather garments and goods.

    Perlite Alternate:

    Horticulture Grade can be used in horticulture, Nursery Plants, indoor, outdoor and gardening purposes it’s bring colorful results. It absorbs access moisture, so roots don’t rot, additionally it improves aeration and simulates the growth of mycorrhiza, perlite alternate pumice stone horticulture grade doesn’t decomposed or compact over time like other soil amendments which means it help to maintain soil structure.

    Pumice Stone Medical & health Care Grade:

    Pumice been used in production of dental and skin care products.

    Pumice for Cosmetic Products:

    Pumice powder’s versatility extends to its compatibility with various cosmetic formulations. It can be incorporated into creams, lotions, gels, soaps, and other cosmetic products, offering manufacturers flexibility in creating an array of beauty and personal care items. This adaptability ensures that pumice powder can be effectively utilized across multiple product categories

    Pumice Stone Cleaning & Polishing Grade:

    Pumice stone is an incredibly versatile and handy tool for a wide range of polishing and cleaning tasks. Its unique porous and abrasive nature makes it suitable for various applications. When it comes to fabric, pumice stones can be used to remove pilling and lint, restoring the softness and appearance of clothing. In the kitchen, they effectively tackle grease and oil stains on pots, pans, and countertops. For household cleaning, pumice stones are ideal for getting rid of hard water stains and mineral deposits on glass surfaces, leaving them sparkling. Additionally, pumice stones work wonders on tough stains and scuff marks on marble floors and ceramics, preserving their pristine look. They are also invaluable in the world of jewelry and fashion, as they can delicately polish metals, buttons, and buckles, restoring their shine. Moreover, in industrial settings, pumice stones play a pivotal role in sandblasting and cleaning industrial pipes, making them a vital tool in a wide range of industries. With its myriad applications, pumice stone proves itself as an indispensable aid in maintaining cleanliness and aesthetics in various aspects of our lives.

    Demand in Market:

    There is a hug demand in the market of lightweight blocks and wall panels by the civil consultants, engineers, contractors and builders. One of the lightest aggregate available in the market for production of concrete and lightweight blocks are pumice stone and fly ash.

    other uses of pumice stone powder:

    Rubber production, Cosmetic products, Plastic products, Skin care, Soap & detergent, Paint products, Glass industry, Agriculture, polishing and abrasive


    We (TRADEWORTH INTERNATIONAL) are a Pakistan minerals company extracting pumice stone suppliers in Pakistan, providing different sizes and grades that can be used in stone wash in textile industry,

    produced lightweight concrete blocks in construction industry, can be used for the health and growth of the plants like cactus, succulents in agriculture, seeds and fertilisers industries.

    Pumice stone Powder amorphous silicate applicable to produce paint polishing, skin care products, dental care toothpaste, soaps, abrasives for soft surfaces, rubber and industrial cleaning.

    We are providing best competitive pumice stone price in Pakistan to accommodate big, small and medium size industries, companies, dealers, traders importers, exporters and buyers.

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